About The Head…

I am currently in my fourth posting as a Head Teacher (Principal) at (yet another) struggling, inner-city, London primary school.

Dysfunctional schools interest me; I get immense satisfaction from fixing them and moving on to the next one. It is work on the very front line of social impact.

Daily, I  juggle the needs of children, staff, parents and inspectors.

There are frequent battles with government initiatives and balancing out managing a large institution whilst maintaining, at all times, what is best for the pupils

My other life is as the head of a family of five children. We live in Central London.

Born and raised in Smalltown, New Jersey, I came to England in January 1984 as an exchange student. I went native and never went back. Every moment since has been spent longing to be British. I am very proud of my (alleged) Native American (Indian) heritage but am humiliated at the mess Americans have made of the world.

I love sport, music, travel and laughing.


One response to “About The Head…

  1. I just retired after 22 years in public education in the US. The last few were at primary schools (elementary schools as we call them) as a Principal. It is scary how similar things really are!!

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