It is 10.15pm. We are at the halfway point of the inspection. To me it is a great football match: a cup final. Thus far, we are winning. But I have been around sport all my life and know that games can turn radically and unexpectedly.

Last night as I climbed into an early bed, I felt a tickle on my head. I looked in the mirror to see a spider, of all things, perched on my bald pate. I thought of Boris. The omen was good. It was fitting.

And so to bed on this, my professional Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow could be my Dancing Day.


Keep the Faith,


The Head



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2 responses to “Halftime

  1. Kimberly Cline

    Spiders are good luck – wishing you all the best. Have followed your journey via this blog. You’ve worked too hard and come too far to be denied. Keep us posted. Yours.

  2. The Jersey Wife

    fingers crossed

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